About QuickBooks®

QuickBooks® is financial management software that helps you track and manage your finances and assets. With Washington Trust's Online Banking you can easily import your transactions into QuickBooks® all in one place.

We provide the tools to help you better manage your savings and expenditures so you can focus on what really matters, running your business.

For more information about Business Online Banking compatibility with QuickBooks software, please contact our Customer Solutions Center at (800) 475-2265.

The current version plus two prior versions.

Yes. You can export your transactions from online banking right from your QuickBooks software and reconcile your accounts.

Web Connect allows you to log into Washington Trust's Business Online Banking and export your transactions through a web connection via QuickBooks.

This is a QuickBooks file format supported for file transaction downloads with versions of QuickBooks. Through online banking you can export your transactions to a qbo file format, save it to your computer, open QuickBooks and import the qbo file. Your transactions are imported into QuickBooks.

Web Connect access, please contact our Customer Solutions Center at (800) 475-2265 or (401) 348-1200. For all other technical issues please visit the Intuit QuickBooks support site at www.intuit.com/support/

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